Our wishes


From a single piece of Sushi, one can seek the chef’s spirit, personality, and even their way of life.

No matter how expensive the ingredients, how skilled the chef, no one can serve Sushi which can touch a guest’s heart, without the spirit of hospitality.

To always humbly seek ways to improve, and face each serve with passion and gratitude.

Here at “Sushi Sakai” and “Ga-Ho-Jin”, we devote ourselves to keep our restaurant worth your visit every time.


Sushi may seem like a traditional cuisine, but in essence it has always been an innovative way to enjoy food.
While we embrace the tradition, we are also adapting to new ways and changing times.

One example is our Shari, the sushi-rice preparation.
We prepare the rice with two types of red vinegar and salt only - which are crafted in a way that when they pair with toppings, the rice will bring out the best of Umami uniquely contained in seafood.

Toppings are seasonal and delivered every day, from all seas of Japan near and far.
We thrive to bring out the best of all ingredients, to create that perfect serving of Sushi with every slice.

Appetizers are also made from ingredients decorating the feast with a one-and-only savour and sense of seasons.

The architecture

The interior was designed by Mr. Shinji Maeda, the pioneer of Japanese traditional Sukiya-zukuri (tea ceremony style) architecture.

The authentic Sukiya-zukuri design uses Kitayama cedar from Kyoto.
The dignified atmosphere coming from the perfect aesthetics, blended with the subtle gentleness is sure to bring you into a relaxing mood.

The stone pavements leading to Sushi Sakai give a feeling of excitement with each step, and three unique rooms of Ga-Ho-Jin add colours to any occasion.
Please take your shoes off, and make yourself comfortable as our special guest.